BrewDog 'The End of History'.


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BrewDog's aim is to redefine beer and beer drinking in the UK. Bored of the same old yellow fizzy lagers on offer in Britain's shops and bars, the brewery has made it their mission to help the British public see the light. The End of History was born from this brief


The End of History, named after philosopher Francis Fukuyama's famous assertion that democracy was 'the end of political evolution', was to represent the furthest point of evolution for beer. As with any news story it is easier and often more powerful to explain a process by its extreme - and that was our aim for this campaign. In order to shatter perceptions of how beer tastes, this was the world's most alcoholic beer at 55% ABV. To prove that artisanal beer can have high values like fine wine, this was the world's most expensive beer at £700 per bottle. The problem was it still looked like a bottle of beer - so the plan was to serve it from custom designed bottles made from dead stoats and squirrels (no animals were harmed for this purpose - all were sourced naturally and were mostly roadkill).

Despite the high level of creativity and controversy surrounding the project - the key to its success was strategic planning and execution. The Manifest team prepared a broad range of media content, and BrewDog created a bespoke video about the beer. BrewDog's Digital Newsroom was used as the primary tool for distribution to both offline and online media.


The result was beyond all targets - with national coverage in all but one of Britain's national newspapers, hundreds of blog posts within six hours of the launch, live broadcast interviews (including with the US channel CNBC) and over 10,000 mentions on Twitter. The story was the most shared article on the BBC home page for two days - generating over 600,000 unique page views in its first few hours. It also topped the 'most viewed' league table on the CNN and Fox News websites, whilst garnering international coverage in titles as prominent at La Monde, Die Spiegel and the New York Post. The AEV in its first week was £650,000 (325 times the cost to BrewDog for the campaign).

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